The fashion brand Simonetta was born in the 1950s when Maria Bianca Mazzarini Stronati opened a small children’s tailoring in Jesi. From the very start, her creations are distinguished thanks to their innovative design, refinement of fabrics and comfortable fit. By the time the designer succeeds in transforming a small local company into a real known company all over the world. Looking at the brand, you immediately perceive that creativity and technology that never lose the spirit of the beginnings, characterized by craftsmanship and the playful mind of each dress. The Autumn-Winter 2018 collection presents endless shades that give rise to a unique result, made up of passion and constant research. Floral prints, ethereal and romantic mood, and a theme like the one of travel that has fallen in many variables like the prints with fish, crabs and corals, never abandoning the inevitable princely style. Discover the new Fall Winter 2017/2018 collection for kids!

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